Sea-beach jhau trees being devoured for erosion

Cox’s Bazar: Serious erosion is taking place at Cox’s Bazar seabeach due to severe cyclonic storm Komen. More than 50 bayside jhau (tamarisk) trees have already been devoured by the sea.

Besides, much of the seashore has been devoured by the sea.

Visiting the seashore on Friday afternoon, this correspondent found that a portion of the walkway through the grove of jhau trees near the beach and Diabetic Hospital point’s walkway have been devoured by the sea. Though erosion started from Wednesday night, it has taken a serious turn from Thursday.

Cox’s Bazar (South) Forest Department’s watcher Mostaque Ahmed said serious erosion is taking place at the Cox’s Bazar sea-beach due to tidal surges under the influence of Cyclone Komen. More than 500 jhau trees on a stretch of five kilometers of sea-beach between Diabetic Hospital point and Nazirartek were uprooted due to erosion and lost into the sea.

Apart from it, some of the portion of sea-shore has been devoured by the sea.

Forest Department officials said it is impossible to protect and look after such a big forest with the help of only four temporary forest guards.

Source: News Bangladesh. Date: 01 August, 2015