Rina Akter who is making her Dreams come true.

Rina was born in an agriculturist family. Her Father was an Agriculturist. From the beginning of her child hood days she dreamt of a fruit garden where she can grow different kind of fruits, flowers and vegetables. She liked trees and flowers.  She had many flowers and plants in her home which she always took care of. While taking care of her plants she felt happiness and very much enjoyed her time with the plants.

Life had changed her. Her husband was an agriculturist too and the couple were blessed with two children. Her husband helped and inspired her to establish a fruit farm on their land. They have 1 Acre 28 Decimal of land in “Angrot Telipara Gram” under  Dhamoirhat union in Naogaon district. Her house has been named “ Mayakanon”. Every day at very early morning she gets up, does all household works like cooking, cleaning, taking care of her children, goes to school and college with her kids. She has graduated from a college but never tried for a job and after marriage she got busy with her family. She forgot that once upon a time she had a dream of a fruit farm. Life was going on.

As her two children were growing up, she now had little bit of time in her hand for her own. When husband and children were off to office and school she started thinking about her dream that was forgotten long ago. She had a big land now and the beautiful house “Mayakanon”.

First she stared a nursery in 2015 as she loved flowers. From there she eventually started her fruit garden in 2017 on 1 Acre 28 Decimal of Land. First she started to plant Malta fruits with the help of her husband .As an agriculturist her huband always supported her. She bought 136 sapling of Malta Fruits. After two years Malta trees bore lots of fruits. She got 3-5 kg fruits from each tree. The market price of Malta was 120 to 140Tk. From 136 Malta trees she hopes to get profit of at least 1 lac 36 thousand Tk.

Apart from Malta she planted 416 Dragon fruits which would bring her additional income. She has 10 cows and more than 27 goats and 40 pigeons. Prevoiusly unemployed people are now working in her farm. Dragon Fruits are more on the expensive side local market of Bangladesh and she manages to gain huge profit by selling these fruits.

In her farm she uses organic compost along with Solar panel and vermicomposting. Many people in her neighbourhood are inspired by Rina Akter and shows interest to do the same.

According to Rina Akter women need to be self-sufficient. If a woman works and earns money she is likely to get more respect from her own family and from the society.

She added that everyone should work for her or his dream and one day it may come true. Determination and patience has made her a successful women. She strongly believes that every women has to work and change their livelihood. The added income generated contributes to the entire family livelihood

We salute Rina Akter for her determination as someone who never gave up her childhood dream.

The Story written by Dr. Usharani Boruah. Librarian, CIRDAP.