Public drinking may soon be banned at Goa beaches

Known for its beaches and parties, India’s party capital Goa may not have public drinking legal anymore. The state legislature on Monday introduced an the Goa Excise Duty (Amendment) Bill, 2016 which has a provision to impose a fine of any amount between Rs 1,000 to Rs 10,000 on anyone who’s found guilty of drinking in a ‘no alcohol consumption zone’.

The move aims to address the grievances of travelers over the nuisance created by drunken revelers in the tourist state. Also, the government believes that this will boost the state’s image as more family-friendly tourist destination.

The legislature will insert section 10B to the Goa Excise Duty, due to which consumption of liquor in open spaces such as beaches, public roads, state and national highway will be barred. The state government is also expecting an additional revenue of Rs. 25 Lakhs into the state’s exchequer.

The government also said that people usually throw the used bottles and cans at public places causing environmental degradation and posing harm to pedestrians accessing the area.

The bill was proposed by Chief Minister in the assembly on Monday. He said that drunk people ‘disturb the peace and cause local tension’. “People in an inebriated state cause nuisance to the general public, disturb the peace and cause local tension. They also pose a law and order threat on regular basis,” said Parsekar, in the assembly.

Source: The Financial Express. Date: August 10, 2016