Myanmar produces over 1,200 million baskets of paddy

Till June of 2018-2019, Myanmar planted 15,083,156 acres of monsoon paddy and 2,777,899 acres of summer paddy and produced over 1294.6 million baskets, according to the figures released by the Ministry of Agricultural and Irrigation.

The total monsoon and summer paddy sown acreages are : 203,414 acres in Nay Pyi Taw Council Area, 460,914 acres in Kachin State, 87,866 acres in Kayah State, 546,313 acres in Kayin State, 78,947 in Chin State, 2,079,331 acres in Sagaing Region, 240,998 acres in Taninthayi Region, 3,144,794 acres in Bago Region, 707,868 acres in Magway Region, 672,493 acres in Mandalay Region, 733,957 acres in Mon State, 1,024,943 acres in Rakhine State, 1,379,243 acres in Yangon Region, 570,054 acres in Shan State (South), 448,757 acres in Shan State (North), 293,948 acres in Shan State (East) and 5,186,234 acres in Ayeyawady Region.

The total paddy production is: 16,573,380 baskets in Nay Pyi Taw Council Area, 30,589,448 baskets in Kachin State, 572,886 baskets in Kayah State, 37,859,109 baskets in Kayin State, 3,623,835 baskets in Chin State, 153,705,116 baskets in Sagaing Region, 16,816,329 baskets in Taninthayi Region, 227,082,430 baskets in Bago Region, 48,589,949 baskets in Magway Region, 48,056,932 baskets in Mandalay Region, 47,318,279 baskets in Mon State, 63,089,560 baskets in Rakhine State, 96,343,094 baskets in Yangon Region, 36,279,160 baskets in Shan State (South), 38,418,020 baskets in Shan State (North), 22,890,923 baskets in Shan State (East) and 400,500,553 baskets in Ayeyawady Region.

The average per acre paddy production is: 86.11 baskets in Nay Pyi Taw Council Area, 68.79 acres in Kachin State, 67.85 baskets in Kayah State, 70.68 baskets in Kayin State, 45.93 baskets in Chin State, 82.33 baskets in Sagaing Region, 69.52 baskets in Taninthayi Region, 78.85 baskets in Bago region, 75.39 baskets in Magway Region, 81.49 baskets in Mandalay Region, 64.64 baskets in Mon State, 61.60 baskets in Rakhine State, 78.15 baskets in Yangon Region, 66.82 baskets in Shan State (South), 86.35 baskets in Shan State (North), 77.90 baskets in Shan State (East) and 77.41 baskets in Ayeyawady Region.

Myanmar grows over 19 acres of monsoon and summer paddy every year. More than five million rural households are engaging in the farming industry. Paddy and fishery sectors have a lot of prospects for development. The agricultural and livestock sector accounts for one-third of GDP, two-thirds of employment and one-third of foreign earnings. Around 70 per cent of the total population are generating their incomes from the agricultural and livestock sector.