Laos enlists M’sian help on renewable energy

MALAYSIA’S Spirit of Endeavour Sdn Bhd will lead a high-level consulting group to advise Laos on developing strategies for the adoption of renewable energy as a driver for sustainable growth.

The government of Lao PDR was committed to maintaining a sustainable approach to harnessing the nation’s energy resources for its rapidly growing economic activities while also protecting its natural eco-system as well as the traditions and culture of its people, said Laos Ministry of Science & Technology (MOST) Planning and International Cooperation director-general Phimpha Outthack.

To realise this, Laos signed an agreement on May 17 in Vientiane with social impact consulting firm, Spirit of Endeavour, which is incorporated in Malaysia and Singapore.

The ceremony was officiated by Laos’ Science and Technology Minister Prof Boviengkham Vongdara, and witnessed by the ambassadors of Malaysia and Singapore to Laos, together with vice-ministers of MOST.

MOST will collaborate with Spirit of Endeavour to develop long-term strategies and activities to develop a sustainable renewable energy sector for the country.

Underlying this strategy is a plan to develop a programme to enable the adoption and adaptation of new scientific and technological innovations to fast-track the growth of its renewable energy sector in ways that are socially and environmentally sustainable.

“Although we have large untapped resources to meet the energy requirements of our nation, we aspire to maintain a harmonious balance with the natural environment,” said Phimba.

“We do not want to experience ecological damage that is seen in many other nations. Our goal is to drive our country to prioritize renewable energy as the preferred choice. Sustainability is the key to achieving our aspiration”.

Spirit of Endeavour executive director KV Soon said the agreement would enable them to explore potentials for economic development.

Spirit of Endeavour is a consulting service company aimed at helping organisations transform and grow through strategic planning,” he said.

The MOST- Spirit of Endeavour collaboration will immediately look at forming a high-level team consisting of key MOST officials as well as a team of consultants from the Spirit of Endeavour network to chart out implementation.

This process will look at internal and external factors as well as study the necessary legislation and policy initiatives that will be required.

Source: The Star. Date: 1 June 2016