Jakarta Boasts Good Governance on International Right to Know Day

Jakarta. The capital’s provincial administration is optimistic of the development of good governance at its offices, in respect of the International Right to Know Day commemoration on Wednesday (28/09).

Since the Open Government Partnership agreement was signed in 2011, Jakarta has been a pioneer in good governance with the provincial government boasting close to a 100 percent public information response rate.

“We have had 63,268 applications and we have fulfilled 99.84 percent of them,” Tuty Kusumawati, Provincial Development Agency chief of the city, said on Wednesday.

The website, established by the information commission of Jakarta, has almost 900 datasets available for public access, she said.

“You don’t even need to log in and you can see the annual budget and realization of budget,” she added.

The international day of awareness for freedom of information and open government policies was supported by the US government through its embassy, who believes that this is an important step for Indonesia to live up to its democratic practices.

“International Right to Know Day is a great step forward to know more about government information and there is a developing momentum to that in Indonesia,” Brian McFeeters, US Ambassador to Indonesia, said.

He said examples of good governance followed in the likes of Bandung’s Ridwan Kamil and Surabaya’s Tri Rismaharini.

With the establishment of Open Government Indonesia in 2012, the Jakarta government hopes to continue the culture of transparency will spread throughout the archipelago.

Source: Jakarta Globe.