Iran, S. Africa call for promoting women’s empowerment

TEHRAN – Iran and South Africa called for cooperation on promoting the empowerment of women, which would help improve their situation in both countries.

Shahindokht Molaverdi, the Iranian vice president in women and family affairs, met Bongi Ngema, the wife of South African President Jacob Zuma, in Tehran on Sunday.

During the meeting, Molaverdi referred to the empowerment of women as a priority for the Iranian government, stressing the need for the exchange of information in women-related arena between Iran and South Africa.

Iran needs to exchange information about women with other countries, she said. “Certainly, the exchange of information between women in Iran and South Africa will help improve their situation in both countries.”

Referring to the racial segregation system of Apartheid, which governed South Africa until 1994, the vice president praised South African women who tolerated troubles toward establishing gender equality in the country.

Today, 37 years after the victory of the Islamic Revolution in Iran, women are gaining remarkable achievements in scientific and educational fields. They can exchange their experience with South African women, she noted.

The Iranian vice president raised the issue of women’s health, saying that Iran is implementing some health programs in rural areas, especially to deal with diabetes.

Ngema, for her part, said that if women are empowered, the nation and the government will be empowered as well.

The awareness of women in South Africa is raised about cancers and osteoporosis, Ngema said, adding that improving women’s health had contributed to an overall health in South Africa.

Source: Tehran Times. Date: April 26 2016