Indonesia’s ICT Ministry Joins Hands With Huawei to Establish Innovation Center

Jakarta. Indonesia’s Ministry of Information, Communication and Telecommunication has joined hands with Huawei Tech Investment, a fully-owned subsidiary of Chinese Huawei Technologies, to establish a so-called “innovation center” in Jakarta.

The center, offering facilities that will allow young entrepreneurs to improve their ability and explore new ideas to create market-ready innovations, is expected to help grow the number of technopreneurs, or tech enthusiast-entrepreneurs.

ICT Minister Rudiantara, who gave a keynote speech during the inauguration of the center, said he estimated the value of transactions from the Indonesian e-commerce sector to reach more than $130 billion by 2020.

The minister expects to see at least 200 new technopreneurs flourish each year.

“The e-commerce activity should rise and support digital economy in the country,” he said.

The center will provide high-tech training classes with experienced trainers, ICT research assistance and consultation, Basuki Yusuf Iskandar, the ministry’s head of human resources development and research, said in a separate statement.

The classes will also educate participants about intellectual rights, regulations and business ethics. Subjects on e-commerce, mobile application, networking and virtual reality will be included in the syllabus.

Sheng Kai, chief executive of Huawei Tech Investment, said the intellectual rights of each product made in the program will be fully-owned by the creators.

Sheng Kai said the company will build an identical facility in Yogyakarta. He, however, did not mention the timeframe.

Source: The Jakarta Globe. Date: January 19 2016