Environment minister warns litter bugs

THE Minister for Local Government, Housing and Environment, Parveen Kumar, is urging Fijians to take full ownership of their environment and help build a litter- free Fiji.

He said they had been issuing strong warning letters to curb the increase in littering cases.

Mr Kumar said offenders would bear the brunt of the law.

He said the Department of Environment had undertaken various campaigns against littering with limited success.

“The mind-set of individuals need to be challenged and if this requires drastic measures so be it,” he said.

Last year, he said, the Environment Department launched a campaign requesting the public to upload or send videos and photographs of those who litter including those from moving or stationary vehicles as well as public service vehicles.

He said they used the photographs and videos to prosecute offenders.

“As an incentive for posting these photographs and videos, those citizens who wish to can apply and be eligible for a percentage of the fines as a cash reward.

“I have directed my ministry to review the current legislation and to come up with a clear approach to effectively address this issue.

“Let’s work together with Government in embracing the principle of sustainable development.”

Source: Fiji Times. Date: February 3, 2016