Duck rearing brings solvency for ultra-poor women in Pabna

PABNA, Nov 2: A number of ultra-poor women living in the char villages of Sujanagar, Chatmohar, Sadar and Bhangura upazilas of Pabna district have been able to change their lot over the past few years by rearing ducks.

The inhabitants of char villages are mostly poor having lost everything in river erosion and a large number of women in the charland are engaged in rearing duck on commercial basis. On an average there are more than 50 ducks in one family and they are earning an average of Tk six to seven thousand every month through duck farming.

Anjuara Begum, a housewife of char Dikshir village under sadar upazila told The Financial Express that she gets an average of 40 to 50 eggs everyday from her 100 ducks and she is now earning Tk seven to eight thousand every month.

Anjurara said like her, there are a number of families in the char areas whose only income is from poultry bird, specially duck. She said the average production of eggs from a local duck is only 100 to120 per year and the meat production is 600 to700 grams. But a high yield exotic duck has the capability to produce about 250 eggs per bird per year and the meat production of one duck is about 1200 to 1500 grams. KRS

Source: The Financial Express. Date: 2 November 2015