Dianmu slams Vietnam and Laos after dumping foot of rain on China

Tropical Storm Dianmu will continue to unleash heavy rain over northern Vietnam and Laos into Saturday after bringing more than 300 mm (12 inches) of rain over parts of Hainan Island earlier in the week.

Rainfall has already totaled more than 150 mm (6 inches) in parts of northern Laos and Vietnam, including areas around Hanoi.

The deluge will result in a high risk for flash flooding and mudslides.

Proximity to land kept Dianmu from becoming a powerful tropical cyclone, however the it did manage to achieve tropical storm strength before making a second landfall in northern Vietnam on Friday.

Despite weakening as the cyclone moves inland, flooding and mudslides will remain dangerous threats through the weekend across northern Indochina.

Dianmu is expected to weaken into a tropical rainstorm from Friday night into the weekend as it continues to track westward.

The heaviest rain will shift into Myanmar and northeast India from Saturday night into Sunday with additional downpours expected across northern India into next week.

Source: Accuweather. Date: August 19, 2016