Rural Development

Report: 35m Bangladeshis still live below poverty line : Regular monitoring of progress emphasized in recent Poverty Watch Report 2022 to assess actual poverty line

Comilla Model

National Rural Access Program (NRAP)


One House One Farm Project (Ektee Bari Ektee Khamar Project)

Minding the gap to foster better trade for sustainable development

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Pandemic pushes more children to work

World Social Report Brings Rural Development to Forefront of SDG Fulfilment

NATIONAL SOCIAL SECURITY STRATEGY: Selection ‘errors’ are a major obstacle in the effectiveness of social security programmes

Economic empowerment of rural women positively impacts social norms and strengthens food security

Mother’s Parliament

Time to revive traditional rice varieties

Bangladesh’s floating gardens – a global farming heritage

Social stigma puts women entrepreneurs off

Thank You, Abed Bhai

Social safety net aiding the poor

Youth engagement in achieving the SDGs

Semiti’s story – Fiji

Rina Akter who is making her Dreams come true.

India has great potential to export umbrellas

Myanmar produces over 1,200 million baskets of paddy

Agricultural export value up 2% in first seven months of 2019

Dairy Industry: A Catalyst For Boosting India’s Agri-Economy

Woman power continues to drive India’s rural job guarantee scheme

Farmers earn higher incomes from coldwater fish

Solar Lantern Project

Rice-fish Culture in Sub-Saharan Africa

Global warming to increase water in South Asian rivers

Embracing Agricultural Mechanization for Achieving SDGs

Connecting Farmers, Raising Income

New Approach Needed to Eradicate Rural Poverty, and Urban Malnutrition

More than Rice

Freedom from Poverty’ as a Human Right

Battling Poverty Today and Further Down the Road

Smart villages: How SmartGaon App is bringing ‘Bharat’ closer to India

Restoring Livelihoods: Supporting Returnees in Batticaloa

Filipino Farmer Strikes Gold with Cocoa

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Lucrative Returns from Cardamom-Farming Boosts Aspirations of Locals

Listening to the Voices of Villagers on the Ayeyarwady and Thanlwin Rivers

Beekeeping Boosts Rural Incomes as Myanmar Honey Sales Grow

Kandahar Poultry Farms Witness Significant Growth

Thai Union backs government initiative to help Thai aquaculture farmers

Rabobank offering financial support for projects in rural areas

Wider finance options coming to rural Indonesia

Letter from Mindanao, Part 1: The Impact of ASEAN Integration on Banking in the Philippines

90 pc Bangladeshis will get internet service within 2021 : Joy

Powering Up Afghanistan

Korea keen to support rural development in Bangladesh

Government initiative to take e-commerce in rural Bangladesh

In Rural Bangladesh, Solar Power Dents Poverty

ADB to give $200m for SMEs in rural Bangladesh run mostly by women – Bangladesh News 24 hours

Canal Reconstruction Improves Rural Living in Bamyan Province

US Report: Afghan Govt Has Lost Over a Third of Nation

Govt unveils report on MGNREGA assets: Ministry of Rural Development

Indonesia reportedly making sweeping changes to live cattle trade

From Kurdistan to Tehran: the urban-rural divide as Iranians turn out to vote

Live cattle trade to Indonesia resumes, but some rough seas ahead for industry

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Rural School Collaboratives: Key to Success?

Teacher extraordinaire

In Lao PDR’s Sekong Province, Over 50 Percent of the Population Get Free Access to Healthcare

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More rural banks set to merge

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Policy Changes Helping Reduce Rural Poverty in Myanmar

Teaching Child Brides About Condoms in Rural Nepal

40% Pakistanis live in poverty: lowest in Punjab (31%), highest in Balochistan (85%)

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Bringing light to Nepal’s Rural Villages

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‘Big Success Story’: Sri Lanka Is Declared Free of Malaria

Rural Sri Lanka without drinking water; drought conditions parch farmlands

Thai government’s $7 billion efforts to help rural economy fall flat

Chicken farm slavery complaint highlights labour challenges for Thailand

Vietnam: The Quiet Economic Success Story Of Asia

“Books for rural areas of Vietnam” honoured by UNESCO


Hatfield Completes Japanese-funded Rural Electrification Project in Six Provinces of Lao PDR

Philippines: Rural Roads Lead to Safer, Faster Travel in Mindanao

Vietnamese girls smuggled into China and sold as child brides

Roads to bring about positive change in rural life, says CM

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UN Gives Iran Leadership Post in Agency for ‘Gender Equality and Empowerment of Women’

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