World Development Report 2022: FINANCE FOR AN EQUITABLE RECOVERY


Freedom from Poverty’ as a Human Right

Global Climate Risk Index 2018

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Iran’s GDP growth forecast for 2016 drops to 4.4%: World Bank

A grand but faulty vision for Iran’s water problems

Water pressure plummets in Tehran

Iran to Spend $36 Million on Internet “Smart Filtering,” to No Avail

Iran plans first renewable energy projects tender by 2016-end

Iran Plans First Tender to Draw $12 Billion Green Investment

Boycott of world chess championship ‘would hurt women in Iran’

After elections, Iranian women’s demands are forgotten

Iran’s Tech & ICT to Absorb 16 Billion Euros of Investment

Overseas enterprises to attend Iran ICT investment opportunities conference

From Kurdistan to Tehran: the urban-rural divide as Iranians turn out to vote

Rural School Collaboratives: Key to Success?

Water crisis in Iran: A desperate call for action

Iran, S. Africa call for promoting women’s empowerment

UN Gives Iran Leadership Post in Agency for ‘Gender Equality and Empowerment of Women’

Poverty Grows as Iranian Government Resists Change

The Scientist Who Cracked Iran Has a Plan for Climate Change

This is what climate change is doing to Iran

Iran’s Excellent Primary Health Care System

Health Companies Ready for Iran:

Iran’s health-care system in transition

Iran gives Russia clearance to export poultry, beef

National Outlook of Food Waste in Iran

FAO, WHO to Jointly Assess Food Safety in Iran

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Eco camps to promote tourism on Qeshm Island

Over $4m channeled into ecotourism projects in Iran

Iran nuclear deal an unfolding disaster

Decentralization and Ambiguities of Local Politics in Tehran

New administrative regions could boost Iran’s economy

Iran’s Arts community participation in environmental conference

Community Eagerness and Participation for Supporting Eliminate Malaria.

Women’s Empowerment

Iran Agrofood 2016 grows to 1,421 exhibitors from 48 countries

Friends Indeed: Iranian Company to Supply Fruit and Vegetables to Russia

Iran’s pistachio farms are dying of thirst

Iran hopes for agricultural boom post-sanctions