Living like the poor, paying like the rich

Report: 35m Bangladeshis still live below poverty line : Regular monitoring of progress emphasized in recent Poverty Watch Report 2022 to assess actual poverty line

World Environment Day : Saving our ‘One Earth’ before it’s too late

We have but one Earth

The modern poverty

Right Haat: Bangladesh’s first digital aquaculture platform

BRAC Ultra-Poor Graduation (UPG) programme in Bangladesh

Comilla Model

One House One Farm Project (Ektee Bari Ektee Khamar Project)

Are we ready for Agriculture 4.0?

Responding to New Threats to Poverty Eradication in Asia

World Development Report 2022: FINANCE FOR AN EQUITABLE RECOVERY

Young people can be saviours in dealing with climate change

Bangladesh children at ‘extremely high risk’ from climate crisis

We must urgently prioritise adaptation to address the climate emergency

Our growing inequality

Overcoming all barriers

Why the world needs healthcare that cares for all living beings

Falling potato prices fan farmers’ woes

OP-ED: Can we ensure safe water and sanitation for all?

A strong social contract for indigenous peoples

Food sustainability in the post-pandemic international paradigm

Haloishar: The model fishing village of Naria

Climate change a big obstacle to increasing tiger population

OP-ED: Who now doubts climate change?

In Bangladesh, musicians sing songs of loss and longing caused by climate change

Glimpse of the year 2050 in the summer of 2021

The Global Food System Isn’t Working

The Covid-19 pandemic: A ‘Destructive Creation’?

Cyclone prediction and preparedness by coastal communities in Bangladesh

The pandemic threat to female leadership

Bangladesh needs extensive measures to address its rising youth unemployment

Vulnerable countries take the lead in tackling climate change

A champion entrepreneur in fish farming

Digital database key to safety net for poor : An expert says

Lack of database hurts anti-poverty work

Faced with devastating cyclones, how are women in coastal Bangladesh building resilience?

From vulnerability to resilience to prosperity

Prioritising social protection for SDG implementation

Is a global goal on adaptation possible?

Widow with a heart of gold

Urban Poor in Pandemic: Plunging into debt just to get by

OP-ED: A global model to tackle violence against women

OP-ED: Who will protect them?

The Covid-19 pandemic: A ‘Destructive Creation’?

Unemployment is underestimated

Pandemic ravages fisheries sector

Plight of the haor people

Bangladesh’s LDC graduation and the challenges ahead

How do we tackle this new onslaught of the coronavirus?

Managing environmental resources for green growth in Bangladesh

Sobur fights a losing battle

When a deadly cyclone is followed by a global pandemic

Remittances have helped villages bounce back

Stronger private sector critical for Bangladesh to realise economic potential: IFC, World Bank report

How Bangladesh became Standout Star in South Asia Amidst Covid-19

Asia needs bold action on climate change

Bangladesh among 3 countries leading recovery: USDA

From gender inequality to climate change

Tidal river management: Indigenous technology for saving coastal ecosystems

Recovery from the pandemic will depend on data-driven policy-making

Pandemic pushes more children to work

Managing Cyclones in Bangladesh: A success story but no room for being complacent

It’s a wrap: Rohingya refugees upcycle hopes and dreams in Bangladesh

NATIONAL SOCIAL SECURITY STRATEGY: Selection ‘errors’ are a major obstacle in the effectiveness of social security programmes

Sustain and scale up the response to control spread, save lives, and minimise impact

Unpacking the Covid-19 stimulus packages: The devil is in the details

The story of the middle class you’re never told

Mother’s Parliament

How do We Tackle the Injustices of Climate Change?

PM Hasina among Top 3 Inspirational Women Leaders in Commonwealth



Bangladesh Role Model in Disaster Management: Bangladesh is Advancing Towards Achieving National Resilience Against Natural Calamities and Preventing Environmental Disasters and Global Warming to Contribute to Global Environment

Driving forces behind small-farm transformation

Women empowerment and SDGs in Bangladesh — Part I & II

Bangladesh’s floating gardens – a global farming heritage

Social stigma puts women entrepreneurs off

Once jobless, he changes lot by making vermicompost

Achieving development and winning disability together

Rich countries must pay for climate loss and damage

Time to tap the blue economy opportunity

Not to confuse social safety net with poverty alleviation

Thank You, Abed Bhai

Reclaiming a Moral Economy

Decline in poverty is not all

Freeing the poor from poverty and hunger

Why saving the Sundarbans is so urgent

Incorporation of blue economy action plan in the 8th five-year plan

Social safety net aiding the poor

Rural development: No snapshot prescription works

How we combated violence against women in 2019

Redistribution with growth: The key word is ‘alleviation’

Addressing the plight of women migrant workers

RMG growth: Battling the challenges

COP25: The case for a sincere investment in loss and damage

How the SDG costing exercise can help meet the targets

Let’s change

Linking growth to happiness in society

Social enterprise and the poor

A promise to blue economy

Why infrastructure is vital for the SDGs

New hope for disadvantaged women

Fishing for Growth in Bangladesh

INTERNATIONAL MIGRANTS DAY: Social cohesion is key to reaping the benefits of migration

National Adaptation Plan for medium and long term climate change adaptation investment

Poverty’s Third Frontier: Addressing the challenges of exclusion and marginalization

A 200-year-old practice is helping Bangladeshi farmers adapt to climate change

Rina Akter who is making her Dreams come true.

Life is Beautiful Against All Odds.

A strategic approach to Bangladesh’s economic growth

SDG Tracker

Post-Disaster Emergency Response in South Asia

Bangladesh: Empathy Training

Regional Peer Learning on Rice Fortification

Asian and Pacific Network for Testing of Agricultural Machinery

Agriculture Cooperatives

Digital Centers

ICT Connectivity and Shared Prosperity

Youth Unemployment — A Challenge for Economic Growth

Youth Unemployment — A Challenge for Economic Growth

Tackling Poverty and Climate Change at the Same Time Turning Challenges into Opportunities

Food Production: Need for Modern Technologies

Embracing Agricultural Mechanization for Achieving SDGs

Connecting Farmers, Raising Income

Achieving SDGs – Challenges Ahead

A Silent Crisis: An Integrated Approach Can Tackle Malnutrition of Children in Slums

The Impact of Climate Change on People Living in Poverty

The Youth Prioritizes Agriculture

The Impact of Climate Change on People Living in Poverty

Solving Poverty by Recognising Others in Poverty

Rich Become Richer, Poor Get Poorer

Reaching our potential

Prioritising renewable energy generation

Poverty and the Right to Live

No City for Women

More than Rice

Mindless Felling of Trees

Hi-tech RMG and Bangladesh’s Future

Freedom from Poverty’ as a Human Right

Changes in chronic poverty and hunger

Bringing Rural Bangladesh up to Speed

Battling Poverty Today and Further Down the Road

A country of famished farmers

Why is Bangladesh booming?

Global Climate Risk Index 2018

Needlework Becomes Effective Venture for Rural Women

Nawab, an Innovative Farmer

Lifting Millions Out of Ultra Poverty

Ekti Bari Ekti Khamar Project: Living Standard of Rural People Improves

Canal Fish Farming a Winner for Jhenidah Women

Blind Man Runs Successful Footpath Business

A Blessing for Haor Families

26 Raigram Village Women Change lot Making ‘Nakshi Kantha’

Digitization of Land Records: A giant leap towards digital Bangladesh

India to use Bangladesh land to carry fuel

Future of Microfinance

How microfinance has reduced rural poverty in Bangladesh

BB cuts interest rate on farm loan

Twenty million people in Bangladesh drinking water contaminated with arsenic

Bangladesh virtually eliminates open air defecation

Dhaka Could Be Underwater in a Decade

Empowering women in our society

90 pc Bangladeshis will get internet service within 2021 : Joy

ADB keen to support ICT sector in BD to produce IT skilled manpower

Incentives To Boost Renewable Energy On Cards

Bangladesh: The case for renewable energy

Target to generate 2,000MW renewable energy in 2021

Digital finance in Bangladesh: Empowering or excluding women?

Korea keen to support rural development in Bangladesh

Government initiative to take e-commerce in rural Bangladesh

In Rural Bangladesh, Solar Power Dents Poverty

ADB to give $200m for SMEs in rural Bangladesh run mostly by women – Bangladesh News 24 hours

Bangladesh government boosts behavior change communication campaign for cleaner cooking

Bogra Poultry Farmers Become Self-reliant

Poverty in Bangladesh will be reduced to zero by 2030, Finance Minister Muhith believes

Agriculture Growth Reduces Poverty in Bangladesh

Bangladesh: Growing the Economy through Advances in Agriculture

‘Agriculture playing leading role in reducing BD poverty’

26 Raigram village women change lot making ‘Nakshi Kantha’

86 women become solvent by rearing cattle in two Khulna upazilas

A Blessing for Haor Families

A new horizon for malta

A woman’s power of reinvention

Against all odds

Alternative livelihoods boosting Inani forest conservation

4250 river-eroded families rehabilitated in Rangpur

Bad stomach leads to malta success

Baukul makes Bogra farmers self-reliant

Biochar: An eco-friendly fertiliser

Blind man runs successful footpath business

Changing life through bean farming

Colombo lemon golden treasure for orchardists

Cultivation of green chilli helps Mahbub beat poverty

Second GM crop ready for release

Rangpur farmers producing 16 tonnes of peanut seeds

Dairy farming turns wheel of fortune for Bogra women

Duck rearing brings solvency for ultra-poor women in Pabna

Floating farms bring smile to ultra poor women

Expansion of lemon farming to bring fortune

Fish farming brings smile to Halim

More drought-tolerant paddy varieties farming in Barind stressed

Flower farming makes many farmers self-reliant

Fruit cultivation brings self-reliance

Has a Bangladesh charity found a way to banish extreme poverty?

Golzar a model for Bogra farmers

Income-generating activities help cut poverty in char areas

Lifting millions out of ultra poverty

Malikhali puffed rice made traditionally, chemical-free

Mixed gardening sees success in Madhupur

Mustard boon for beekeepers

Needlework becomes effective venture for rural women

Vegetables farming changes economy of char households

Rangpur growers making handsome profit from early varieties of cauliflower

The mother of Rajshahi’s Shoemakers

Turmeric traders thrive, grower profits squeezed

WB project changes ultra poor women’s livelihood

Women-led businesses in Jamalpur benefit from Coca-Cola model

Canal fish farming a winner for Jhenidah women Canal fish farming a winner for Jhenidah women


Bangladesh’s ‘green wall’ fights global climate change

Students should raise voice against climate change

Government initiative to take e-commerce in rural Bangladesh

Challenges ahead for Bangladesh

Bangladesh Healthcare Industry: The Thriving Industry that is Growing Faster than the GDP

‘Clinical Appeal’ creates new appeal in Bangladesh rural health

Transforming rural health workers’ jobs through digitisation

Poverty endangers the Hilsa in Bangladesh

Technical education for girls

PTE gaining popularity in Bangladesh

Primary education now up to class VIII

Govt to boost tourism in Sundarban and Saint Martin’s Island

What to See in Sundarban

Disaster Management – Institution, Policies And Legal Framework

Disaster management in Bangladesh: Reducing vulnerabilities

Bangladesh: Community Participation Improves Local Governance

Becoming a “Forest Savior”: Community Participation for Conservation

Only decentralization can save Dhaka from ‘collapse’: Experts

Training on “Strengthening Local Government and Decentralization in Bangladesh”

Talking About Decentralization

3 studies before implementing Cox’s Bazar LNG project

Sea-beach jhau trees being devoured for erosion

Cox’s Bazar ready to welcome tourists

Agro-processing industries—the brightest prospect for development

Agro processing to get more emphasis: Amu

Farming in the days of climate change

Income tax looms for farmers