Campaign To Promote Sustainable Management Of Fiji’s Land And Forests Launched

SUVA, Fiji (Fijilive, May 30, 2016) – The Ministry of iTaukei Affairs, the Ministry of Fisheries and Forests and the Ministry of Agriculture have launched Wakatu Fiji, a groundbreaking campaign to better support the sustainable management of Fiji’s land and forests.

Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of iTaukei Affairs, Naipote Katonitabua said the Wakatu Fiji campaign is a call to action to all Fijians as our population has grown and our needs have increased and this has resulted in the increasing overuse of resources.

He said the symptoms are declining food crops, flooding to homes, lack of clean drinking water, reduced fish stocks, and less access to building materials, traditional medicines, and foraged foods.

“It’s time we not only met our obligations to family, to church and to our communities, but also to the thing that provides for all us. We must meet our obligations to care for the land,”Katonitabua said.

Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Fisheries and Forests, Samuela Lagataki said this campaign will bring about collaboration at the highest level Government for the betterment of all Fijians especially at a time when threats such as climate change, are making life harder for the communities.

The campaign was developed with support from cChange, a local communications NGO (formerly SeaWeb Pacific) and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.

It aims to promote actions at all levels, and in all sectors, to sustainably use the land and forests and ensure communities can continue to benefit from healthy natural resources.

Through national media and improved grassroots outreach, the campaign will shine a spotlight on the challenges and the people, including everyday champions, who are already taking steps to solve the problems, such as too much land clearing, unsustainable farming, unsustainable logging and uncontrolled grazing.

A central part of that outreach will be promoting dialogues in communities on why the land is so valuable. Illustrated flip charts, videos and poster exercises where communities will be used to share local solutions but also why the land is valuable, to security, traditional and culture, will be used, to ensure the campaign is driven by local priorities.

Source: Pacific Islands Report. Date: 31 May, 2016