Bangladesh Role Model in Disaster Management: Bangladesh is Advancing Towards Achieving National Resilience Against Natural Calamities and Preventing Environmental Disasters and Global Warming to Contribute to Global Environment

Bangladesh is recognised as one of the most disaster prone countries in the world. Government’s declaration of 13 types of specified natural calamities points at how vulnerable the country is.  Bangladesh suffers from human resources and enormous material resources losses due to the various kinds of disaster every year.

Fortunately, the country has achieved remarkable success in managing natural disasters for well over a decade, especially on the grounds of disaster prevention, preparedness, response and recovery. It is worth mentioning that casualties from natural disasters have sharply declined in the country. We have successfully dealt with several disasters in the first two decades of the 21st century. These successes were possible to achieve because of different policies undertaken by the government: improvement in early warning system, dissemination of information, establishment of cyclone shelters and active engagement of dedicated Cyclone Preparedness Programme (CPP) volunteers for preparedness and response activities.

Furthermore, under the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Bangladesh is advancing towards achieving national resilience against natural calamities and preventing environmental disasters and global warming to contribute to global environment. Natural calamities are considered direct threat to the viable economic development and overall national progress under SDGs.

Disaster readiness calls for appropriate preparation at all levels including training of not only volunteers or government agency staff, but also the people because much of the success in implementing the management programme would depend on how much the people are prepared in every respect—not only to overcome the consequences of natural disasters but also to reduce the risk of the manmade ones.

We are heartened to note the huge investment that the government has made in terms of equipment procurement. But along with that, intensive awareness programmes should be launched. And this is a subject that should also be included in school curriculum.  We expect to see the proper implementation of disaster management policies to ensure the safety of the whole nation and resources.

Source: The Independent, 12 March 2020, Bangladesh