Woman of faith’s vision

Charlene Lanyon

Salanieta Virikoro believes we must serve others to the best of our ability so that we can live a good life.

The 45-year-old native of Ono-i-Lau in the Lau Group is a proud stall owner of her own sewing business at the women’s center at the Suva market.

Salanieta highlighted that the money she earns from the business is not only for her as she uses it to take care of her mother who lives with her.

“I can get income and share it with others because we are here to help others and not to keep it for ourselves,” she said.

She has proven that one can always achieve one’s dreams no matter how long it takes therefore we must never give up easily when faced with obstacles.

“Most of the time we are discouraged when we don’t reach our goals,” she said.

“You have to keep on trying like me it took me many years to finally achieve this.”

Salanieta began sewing in high school when she started taking home economics classes and went on to conducting her sewing from home where she would sew for those in the community and others that came to her through word-of-mouth.

She also bought root crops and sold them at the Suva Market and at the same time began looking for stalls that could accommodate her sewing business.

“During my free time I would look around for free space and when they were building this women’s center I was interested in it,” she said.

After seeking assistance from the Ministry of Women who helped her secure a stall for herself, Salanieta said the first thing she thought of was her home economics teacher who would always encourage her to do better and to consider making a career out of her talent.

“I am happy that now I have accomplished what she always knew I was capable of,” she says with a smile.

Although Salanieta has been at the stall for three weeks now, she has not yet put up a sign marking her stall but has decided on the business name Tadra Creations.

“I was inspired to use this name because most of my designs I dream about it,” she said.

“It comes to me like in a vision.”

Most of Salanieta’s clients from her home business are still coming to her at the stall and she added that new clients are coming in every day.

“Last week I sewed one dress with a new pattern I came up with and that dress really brought in so many new customers,” she said.

Salanieta encourages others like her to always have faith whenever starting something new and you will always be rewarded with everything you desire.

Source: Fiji Times. Date:  October 02, 2015