Thai Union backs government initiative to help Thai aquaculture farmers

Thai Union Group is backing a government initiative to help give Thai aquaculture farmers marketing and logistics support to help grow the industry, according to a company statement.

Thai Union, the owner of premium tuna brands Chicken of the Sea and John West, signed a memorandum of understanding with the government and other private industry players in Thailand. Industrial groups backing the deal will provide cultivation techniques, besides access to marketing and distribution networks to boost their businesses.

Companies involved in the plan will provide technological support in hatcheries and marketing in a first phase this year, Thai Union said. A second phase involves the construction of a breeding development center that will become a hub for Thailand’s aquaculture industry, it said.

The company helps “to see an efficient and effective effort made by all concerned parties to help fish and shrimp farmers boost their production and profit,” Chairman & CEO Thiraphong Chansiri said in the statement.

Thai Union on April 27 announced it will eliminate workers recruitment fees charged by agencies in Cambodia and Myanmar that have come under scrutiny of human rights abuse groups.

Greenpeace has continued its ongoing campaign against Thai Union by shifting the crosshairs to include one of its main customers, retailer Walmart.

Source: Undercurrent News. Date: April 29, 2016

Thai Union backs government initiative to help Thai aquaculture farmers