Tajikistan Claims Afghanistan Land: Takhar Officials

Local officials from Takhar province said on Friday that Tajikistanis have grabbed and claimed some parts of land along the Amu River which connects the two countries.

Head of Borders and Tribal Affairs Provincial Department, Jan Mohammad Nabi Zada, said the problem cropped up due to the lack of retainer walls along the river Afghanistan.

“Grabbing of lands by Tajikistanis on one hand and destruction of agricultural lands due to lack of embankments along the Amu river on the other hand has added to the problems [of people of Takhar province],” he said.

Meanwhile, Salim Akbar, head of Taluqan River Zone, said they are trying to build a retainer wall in order to prevent further damage to agricultural land belonging to Takhar farmers.

Tajikistan’s ambassador to Kabul, Sharafuddin Imamov, rejected the claims and said the border between Afghanistan and Tajikistan is very clear and people of Tajikistan have not grabbed Afghanistan’s land. The Tajik diplomat urged local officials to restrain from making such remarks. He said that if the local officials have any question in this regard, Tajikistan is ready to officially respond. He termed relations between Afghanistan and Tajikistan as friendly.

Source: Tolo News. Date: 29 April, 2016

Tajikistan Claims Afghanistan Land: Takhar Officials