Sri Lanka: Over 100 dead following torrential rain

Colombo, Sri Lanka (CNN)As torrential rains in Sri Lanka finally recede, authorities are attempting to manage hundreds of thousands of displaced people, while rescuers continue to search for those who may have been engulfed by landslides.

At least 101 people died following several days of incessant rain, the country’s Disaster Management Center (DMC) said.
At least 111,900 people are living in temporary shelters.
As many as 47 bodies have been recovered from two landslide sites and over 180 people are still missing, the Sri Lankan Red Cross Society says.
Rescuers are searching for dozens of other people reported missing after mud and rock buried residential areas, the nation’s Disaster Management Center said.
The death toll is expected to go up as rescue teams reach some of the worst-hit areas, authorities said.
For the rest of the week, Sri Lanka will likely be experiencing scattered rainfall that occurs just a couple weeks before the monsoon season, CNN meteorologist Sean Morris says.
Various nations, including India, Australia, Nepal and Japan, are bringing in aid supplies such as blankets, water purification tablets and drinking water.
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Source: CNN. Date:May 25, 2016