GMOA puts Sri Lanka’s medical issues under the microscope

The Government Medical Officers’ Association convened a media briefing on Wednesday to elaborate on issues prevalent in the medical field.

Media Spokesperson for the GMOA, Dr. Samantha Ananda noted that the Sri Lankan medical services have received international acceptance, while the standard of Sri Lankan doctors has been highly credited internationally. He stated that it is such medical service that is in existence in the country and that it is extremely important that this standard is maintained, and continued in order produce such credited doctors.

GMOA Assistant Secretary,Dr. Navin de Zoysa pointed out that while a list of post internship appointments was being prepared, a trade union action was called for stating that the Health Ministry has been unable to provide the benefits of the medical field to the general public correctly, however there will be no room for the general public to be given medication by groups who are not certified doctors.

“The Government Medical Officers’ Association is ready to take the highest possible measures in this regard”,  assured the GMOA Assistant Secretary who noted that answers will be given to questions of the Health Ministry and the Ministry of Higher Education because after going to a hospital for treatment or just before going to surgery, it cannot be questioned if the doctor is from Malabe or not.

Source: News 1st. Date: June 16, 2016

GMOA puts Sri Lanka’s medical issues under the microscope