Floating farms bring smile to ultra poor women

The new concept of such farming started a year ago at Notunpara village in Pabna.

Combined farming of vegetables, poultry and fish on   rafts on the Gumani River in Pabna has become successful in turning the plight of ultra poor women of the area.

The new concept of such farming stared a year ago at Notunpara village in Bhangura upazila. It requires a raft made of drums.

On the raft, there is space for laying eggs of ducks, which spend all day in water and lay eggs on the raft at night. The excrement of ducks is used as fish feed, as the fish are cultivated under the raft.

For growing vegetables such as bitter gourd, cucumber and pumpkin, plastic bucket is used from where maca is raised on the raft.

Initially, five women of the village spent Tk25 to 30 thousand to start such a farm, while no further investment is required from next year. A non-government developmental organization is helping them in this regard.

Hosne Ara, wife of Dulal Kha, Hafiza Khatun, wife of Mohir Uddin, Saleha Khatun, wife of Anwar Hossain, Afroja Khatun, wife of Lablu Mia, and Rehena Khatun, wife of Jakir Hossain, from Char Bhangura Purba Para village have been able to change the poor plight of their families by doing the farming within a year.

The farm also provides the families with the proper nutrition.

They told the Dhaka Tribune: “We have earned more than Tk100000 from the farm in a year. Now, our children can go to schools. Now, many other villagers are willing to do the farming seeing our successes.”

According to Directorate of Agriculture Extension of the district, peasants are being trained up on this type of farming.

They are becoming self-dependent by implementing the skills and knowledge obtained from such training, said the directorate. The directorate has been working to spread the farming in the region.

Bibhuti Bhushon Sarker, deputy director of the directorate, said: “If such floating farms are spread throughout the district, it will contribute to eradicate poverty from the locality.   Many parts of Chalan Bil area remain under water six months a year. Such farming can bring smiles to the people of those areas.”

Source: Dhaka Tribune. Date: 13 December 2016

Floating farms bring smile to ultra poor women