Concerns over poor drainage

THE recent series of flooding in Nadi has organisations along the Nadi back road worried about poor drainage in the area, a problem that has persisted throughout the years.

Earlier this week, the management of American International Christian School complained that poor drainage caused the area to be inundated by floodwaters.

“This was also something we faced in 2012,” school administrator Abhinash Ram said.

“Last week, the flooding was really bad as well. We have put forward numerous requests to the Fiji Roads Authority to solve this issue but nothing has been done so far.”

With about 14 students and seven staff members, Mr Ram said evacuation during flooding becomes almost impossible.

“The school is virtually inaccessible at such times.”

According to FRA, maintenance works manager Adam Goes, the location was a historical flood-prone area where the river breached its banks and flooded the surrounding area.

“The existing road side drains are fit for purpose,” he said.

“Nonetheless, we will be carrying out some maintenance work to the existing drainage beside the road to ensure smooth flow of water.

“Also, we will check all culverts and ensure that there are no restrictions by debris from recent floodwaters.”

Source: The Fiji Times. Date: April 13, 2016