Changing life through bean farming

Dablu Mia of Gabtoli upazila under the district has gained solvency by changing his farming pattern, thanks to his sincere efforts and proper suggestions from the Department of Agriculture Department (DAE).

“Earlier we had to struggle much to maintain the family as paddy cultivation did not bring much profit. As a way out, I started cultivating bean and other vegetables on my three bighas of land five years ago,” said Dablu, 50, of Kornibari village under Mohishaban union of Gabtoli.

“I spent Tk 10 thousand for bean farming on each bigha of land and hopeful of getting Tk 35-40 thousand by selling the produce this season. I am also growing papaya, cucumber, pumpkin, potato and ginger on small plots of land,” he said.

“Despite owning around 30 bighas of land, my father could not gain solvency by cultivating only paddy there. Even he could not arrange my schooling.

“Finally I started growing other crops on a few bighas of land that inherited from my father. Now with the good earning from bean cultivation, we are living well and sending my son and daughter to school,” said Dablu Mia.

The farmers of the district have cultivated developed varieties of bean including Ishwardi variety on over 500 hectares of land this season, DAE officials said, adding that now cultivation of a multiple crops is becoming popular among the farmers.

Pratul Chandra Sarker, deputy director of Bogra DAE, said proper suggestion through yard meetings about the use of fertiliser, selection of developed variety of seeds, time of plantation and irrigation, and visiting fields of the farmers by the DAE officials worked behind making the farmers interested in bean cultivation for better profit.

Source: The Daily Star. Date: December 16 2016