World Development Report 2022: FINANCE FOR AN EQUITABLE RECOVERY

UN report: Pandemic year marked by spike in world hunger

Vietnam urged to transform food system amid challenges


Young people found ‘seed library’

Cycling rice and shrimp farming in Vietnam important for food security: Scientists’ findings important for Mekong Delta farmers

RMG growth: Battling the challenges

The Mekong Delta: an unsettling portrait of coastal collapse

Vietnam needs to act in Mekong Delta as land sinking, seas rising: experts

Agricultural export value up 2% in first seven months of 2019

Farmers earn higher incomes from coldwater fish

Malala Fund for Girls’ Right to Education

Asian and Pacific Network for Testing of Agricultural Machinery

Agriculture Cooperatives

Assessment-based National Dialogue: Towards the Establishment of Social Protection Floors

Viet Nam Cleaner Production Centre

Land and Poverty in Reforming East Asia.

Mekong Delta: Adapt to saltwater intrusion by using aquaculture

Freedom from Poverty’ as a Human Right

A market for broken heart mementos

Disasters cost billions in agricultural losses, poor farmers bear brunt – UN report

Global Climate Risk Index 2018

Broadband will reach 40% of Vietnam households by 2020, claims government

Vietnam: Improving Efficiency and Transparency in Land Administration Services

Rabobank offering financial support for projects in rural areas

New rural development support project in Vietnam for DID

Government looks to beef up agriculture loans

Vietnam to reduce poverty rate 1.3-1.5% in 2016

Vietnam’s 2016 GDP growth revised down to 6.2 pct: World Bank

Reducing poverty among Vietnam’s craft producers

Drought Killing Vietnam Rice Crops Compounds Mekong Water Crisis

UN promises to help Vietnam overcome worst water crisis in decades

Vietnam blames toxic waste water from steel plant for mass fish deaths

Project promotes ethnic minorities women’ empowerment

Alliance Awards Grants to Empower Women in Ghana, Kenya, and Vietnam

Vietnam introduces its women empowerment achievements at UNHRC session

Microsoft Vietnam promotes ICT training for rural students

Volunteers inspire rural students with science

Vietnam pushes renewable energy with focus on solar power

Vietnam: The Quiet Economic Success Story Of Asia

“Books for rural areas of Vietnam” honoured by UNESCO

Vietnamese girls smuggled into China and sold as child brides

SBV to help farmers access loans

Quảng Nam to launch bamboo conservation project

Gov’t highlights untapped potential of Mekong Delta

Thermal plants threatened by their own waste

Experts warn about environmental pollution’s impacts on GDP growth

Automatic salinity monitoring, alarm system devised for Mekong Delta

New index for VN climate resilience

Pesticides endanger north VN granary

Ginger farmers look set for a miserable Tết

Literacy prize-winner answered the call of his ancestors to start library revolution

Cyclone Winston: Village built by Australian man for Fiji’s poor survives unscathed

Vietnam approves land use plan for 2016-2020: less land for rice

Crisis in Philippines higher education

Vietnam’s ‘stunning’ rise in school standards

Challenges in Vietnamese higher education contributing to demand for study abroad

Vietnam’s Healthcare Sector Is Poised For Decades Of Growth

Vietnamese health minister recommends free Korean-made Quinvaxem vaccine amid death controversy

Vietnam: Better Food Safety and Production Efficiency with Good Animal Husbandry Practices

Vietnam Food Sector Flourishes Despite Need for Capital Investment

Rising seas puts Vietnam in climate change ‘bull’s-eye’

The Company Behind Vietnam’s Largest Environmental Disaster

Hanoi’s persistent air pollution reaches hazardous level

Role of Vietnamese women changing

Vietnam braces for Typhoon Sarika after deadly flooding

Vietnam province says no to road cutting through Cat Tien National Park

Visiting Vietnam’s National Park: Cat Tien

Ring of Fire: 9.0 Earthquake danger in Vietnam, near China?

Northern Vietnam’s Earthquake Risk

Windows to the past

Decentralisation causes confusion

Beaches of Dead Fish Test New Vietnam Government’s Response

Community participation for community health in the making

Mobilization of communitiy participation in biodiversity conservation in Vietnam

Women’s participation in EIA’s in Vietnam: what are the benefits?

Revealed: the world’s cheapest (and most expensive) beaches

Priorities for agricultural restructuring in Vietnam

Focus on Development of Agro-Fishery Processing Industry

World Bank: VN needs agro reform

Vietnam grain production impacted by weather, trade

Growing Demand Sparks Cassava Boom in VN

Vietnam’s H1 2016 rice exports may edge up despite output fall

Vietnam grain production impacted by weather, trade