World Development Report 2022: FINANCE FOR AN EQUITABLE RECOVERY


Road to Apocalypse

How the SDG costing exercise can help meet the targets

Nepal Advances Ecosystem-based Adaptation in Cooperation with China

Post-Disaster Emergency Response in South Asia

Malala Fund for Girls’ Right to Education

Asian and Pacific Network for Testing of Agricultural Machinery

Agriculture Cooperatives

Rural Energy Development Program

Achieving SDGs – Challenges Ahead

Freedom from Poverty’ as a Human Right

Against poverty

Nepal’s female masons dig deep to lay foundations for change and renewal.

Global Climate Risk Index 2018

The Power of Knowledge

Story Behind Destination Agro Farm

Lucrative Returns from Cardamom-Farming Boosts Aspirations of Locals

Mobilizing People to Adapt to a Changing Climate

Breaking New Ground

A Long-Awaited Turn-Around

Nepal’s tenant farmers find hope as they claim land of their own


CIAA directs govt to seize land above ceiling

ADB report projects Nepal’s GDP growth lowest in South Asia

One million people fall below poverty line in Nepal after earthquake

Nepal quake significantly upped poverty, finds study

Water crisis spells cold comfort for Nepal earthquake survivors

Reviving sanitation in Nepal

Kathmandu: The third most polluted city in the world

Nepal pledges to end hunger by 2025

Nepal PM Prachanda pledges good governance through information dissemination

Empowered as a woman

Sustainable energy for all: Can Nepal achieve it?

Nepal Seeks Investors for 10 GW of Hydropower Projects by 2026

Experts suggest resilient and sustainable energy needed in Nepal

Nepal targets 80% renewables as fuel blockade bites

Teaching Child Brides About Condoms in Rural Nepal

Rural Nepal: Despite evidence that hospital births are safer, poverty keeps women home

Bringing light to Nepal’s Rural Villages

With men gone, women shake up farming in rural Nepal

Nepal applies to AIIB for infra funding

A robust microfinance sector: For lowering poverty

SSB ‘encroaches’ upon Nepal’s land in Bardiya

Why the Student Mobility Rate in Nepal Is Amazingly Increasing

China extends assistance to post-quake education of Nepal

Saarc Summit: Nepal urges to create a conducive environment

Rebuilding health care in Nepal

Nepal slipping into ‘increasingly dire’ health situation

Nepal Quakes Leave Women’s Healthcare in Crisis

First update to food safety law since 1967 in Nepal

Reducing Poverty in the Himalayas: How Nepal Can Improve Food Security

Nepal: UN continues to support sustainable post-disaster earthquake recovery

Eco-tourism: Better for the planet, better for you

Nepal faces looming food crisis after natural disasters hit farmers

64 killed in Nepal as heavy rains trigger floods, landslides

Why Nepal Is Still in Rubble a Year After a Devastating Quake

Decentralisation In Nepal Taking Stock Of Local Governance : Pranav Bhattarai

Community participation in schooling in Nepal: a disjunction between policy intention and policy implementation?

Agro modernisation project likely by mid-Sept

Paperwork hassles stymie tea industry

With men gone, women shake up farming in rural Nepal

Rice imports from India jump to Rs 14.43 billion