World Development Report 2022: FINANCE FOR AN EQUITABLE RECOVERY


Asian and Pacific Network for Testing of Agricultural Machinery

Sarawak to up beef, mutton self-sufficiency level by 2030

Freedom from Poverty’ as a Human Right

Global Climate Risk Index 2018

Traditional Planting of Fruit Trees Promotes Animal Diversity in the Mala

Islamic Finance in Malaysia: Filling the Gaps in Financial Inclusion

Driving the Digital Economy Transformation

Land deal freeze along HSR route

BAT Malaysia gets shareholders’ nod to sell its land to LGB Properties

Malaysia’s Third-Biggest Developer Says It’s Time to Shop for Land as Rebound Seen

Micro-financing unaffected in budget review

Islamic finance’s strong position

Micro-financing unaffected in budget review

Malaysia’s investment growth to increase to 4.5% in 2017

Room for Improvement: Reducing Poverty in Malaysia

Loads of rubbish clogging up Malaysian rivers

Health Ministry to take action against sale, promotion of Kangen water

Malaysia serious about good governance, PM says in face of US investigations

What initiatives has the Malaysian government introduced to boost startups?

Government’s initiatives to increase women in the workforce make headway

‘More women working now’

Laos enlists M’sian help on renewable energy

Malaysia’s Green Energy Path

Rising interest seen in Malaysia’s renewable energy projects

Malaysia Establishes Feed-in Tariffs to Accelerate Renewable Energy Deployment

Teacher extraordinaire

Malaysia’s Transformation Programmes – a success story

Accelerating women’s entrepreneurship through mentoring in Malaysia

Alumna will bring experiences from Malaysia, women empowerment

The way forward: Empowering women to return to work and rise to the top

Minister lauds reduced budget allocation to Higher Education Ministry

Education not left behind in recalibrated 2016 Budget

Asia University Rankings 2016: Malaysia must refocus to develop as a higher education power

Crisis in Philippines higher education

Indonesia forest fire brings back thick haze in Malaysia

Climate change: Malaysia takes lead in cutting carbon

Malaysia needs an equitable healthcare system

Expect more Zika cases, says Malaysian health minister

Food safety and food security

Say ‘no’ to food waste

Malaysia spent RM45 billion on food imports last year

Malaysia’s largest marine park a reality after 16 years

New Disaster Management Agency To Ensure Malaysia Is Better Prepared

Floods hit Malaysia’s Penang airport and main tourist belt

Malaysia: government to improve four areas in disaster relief management

Devolve powers to the 13 states

‘Need for decentralisation of power to the state’

Decentralisation offers solutions – and snags

Community Participation in Achieving Quality Education in Difficult Circumstances (Malaysia)

Malaysia recognised for role in increasing women’s participation in workforce

KK Mayor laments polluted city beaches, citizens’ attitudes

Environmental pollution a big problem for Terengganu’s islands

Positive outlook for agriculture sector

Positive outlook for agriculture sector

Private sector urged to delve into agriculture sector

Palm Oil Reserves in Malaysia Drop as Exports Outpace Output