Animal husbandry helps family improve living standards

Teaching in the classroom from Monday to Friday is not enough for Mr Sengkeo Khaekphimmouang’s family so he decided to busy himself with chicken and fish farming in order to raise his living standards.

Rearing chickens for sale is one way to earn money.

Working only one job may not be enough for some people in terms of their income level so they seek to work a second job or diversify into farming or other enterprises.

Mr Sengkeo’s family lives in Naxay village, Longxan district, Xaysomboun province.

After moving into fish and poultry farming to help feed his family of eight, Mr Sengkeo and his family have become a model family in the district.

Previously, he grew only rice but this proved to be insufficient because sometimes he did not receive his salary on time so Mr Sengkeo needed a supplementary cash income.

So he sought to learn how to rear chickens and fish from relatives in Vientiane province because he knew there was a shortage of chicken eggs in Longxan district so he would have a readily available market.

In the fiscal year 2006-2007, he used his own money of more than 80 million kip to build one chicken farm and dig a fish pond.

After that he also used some of his own money and borrowed 40 million kip from Nayoby Bank to buy 1,000 chickens and release 50,000 fingerlings.

Mr Sengkeo said he got eggs after rearing the chickens for just two weeks and after deducting the bank repayments he earns more than 50 million kip.

In the fiscal year 2008-2009, his family knew that if they were to earn a good income they should expand so they decided to borrow an additional 30 million kip from Nayoby Bank to dig more fish ponds and build one more chicken farm, giving them a total of 2,000 chickens.

In the fiscal year 2013-2014, his family borrowed another 200 million kip to build one more chicken farm to give them a total of 4,000 chickens which were able to earn them more than 100 million kip per year.

In 2015, he decided to build one more chicken farm so now he has three farms and 5,000 chickens. He now has to hire four local people to help on the farm, which now earns more than 200 million kip per year.

Mr Sengkeo said that he also has five fish ponds and he could sell fish two times per year from which he earns more than 100 million kip .

Normally, his fish and chickens are transport for sale in Longxan, Phalawaek and Phu Bia mining markets.

Besides this, some traders go directly to buy fish, eggs and chickens at his house.

In 2008, Mr Sengkeo received a model family certificate from Longxan district so villagers in the community can learn techniques on how to rear fish and chickens from his family.

If all families in Longxan district can do the same as Mr Sengkeo’s family it will help the community reach its poverty eradication target.

He said that rearing fish and chickens is good work to earn money for his family so in the future he will continue and if possible expand to raise more fish and chickens.


Vientiane Times. October 15 2016.